Algorand Partners With Bar Illan to Educate on Blockchain Technology


Algorand has announced its partnership with Bar Ilan (BIU), a research University in Israel, to promote education in blockchain technology. The partnership involves a grant for the 12th BIU Winter School on Cryptography. Moreover, it will encourage more participation in the Algorand blockchain.

What the winter school will cover

Post-doctorate and graduate students, the grant’s beneficiaries, will cover topics such as private set intersection, threshold signatures, homomorphic and private secret sharing, oblivious RAM, and retrieval of confidential information.

According to the CEO of Algorand Foundation, Sean Lee, the company is excited to support the 12th BIU winter school to educate cryptographers on blockchain’s descriptive potential. Educating them will enable people to adapt blockchain further.

The co-organizer of the school and the director of the BIU Center for Research in Advanced Cryptography and Cybersecurity, Benny Pinkas, states that they are grateful for Algorand’s support of their winter school. The school, an annual event, focuses on a different cryptographic topic every year.

Pinkas adds that they will record all lectures and post them on YouTube, where students will use them as learning tools on cryptography.

The BIU Center for Research in Applied Cryptography and Cybersecurity has organized the winter school. The hybrid event will occur between January 23 and January 26, 2022.

BIU expects to educate people globally. For this reason, it will offer classes on YouTube for interested students. Algorand has also asked parties interested to submit projects that will allow them to get grants.

Algorand is collaborating with Drone Racing League 

This collaboration is part of Algorand’s plan to make its blockchain more mainstream. The platform previously signed a deal worth approximately $10 million to support various projects with the Algorand blockchain with the Drone Racing League (DRL).

DRL will use the partnership to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs), fan transactions, collectibles, and crypto-powered ticketing. The DRL has already used Algorand’s blockchain to create its first play-to-earn game.

These partnerships will increase the price of the platform’s token, ALGO. The platform has already seen a 235% increase in value. ALGO has managed to perform well despite market volatility in the crypto industry. For example, it gained 45% on December 20.


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