Articlesofados Launches American Descendants of Slavery podcast

862 is inviting visitors to explore their website and proudly announces the launch of its new podcast called The Articles of ADOS. Both focus on the social movement referred to as ADOS, or the American Descendants of Slavery. The podcast is set to bring undiscussed news, articles, and information important to the ADOS movement.

ADOS is a socio-political movement whose purpose is to advocate for reparations — compensating those who have been wronged — on behalf of their ancestors. The group argues that reparations for American slavery are economically and morally justified. And have demonstrated how slavery, segregation, red lining, and economic depression in the ADOS community affects descendants of slavery to this day—where the average white family has roughly ten times the amount of wealth as the average black American. The Articles of ADOS podcast seeks to discuss and inform listeners weekly how these disparities affect their daily lives.

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The new podcast, Hosted by Lisa Todd, and Co-host Daud GeAzan, will feature news and information that ADOS may have missed. Segments include Voices of ADOS, The Rapid News Reports, and The Main Event—where they interview articles and pull out key information or lack thereof.

“The idea that I could take my love of podcasts and my love of storytelling and combine them to create a brand-new way to connect with listeners was an option I couldn’t walk away from,” said Daud GeAzan, co-host of Articles of ADOS podcast. “This kind of in-depth commentary is something that’s rarely – if ever – been done in this way, so I’m looking forward to opening the door to this new type of medium.”

Never miss a show, subscribe to the Articles of ADOS Podcast Today. Listeners to the Articles of ADOS podcast will stay informed with the latest news and information and how it affects their everyday lives. “We welcome all ADOS, allies and friends to listen to the show, as we want everyone to get an understanding of what we’re fighting for” says host Lisa Todd. 

The Articles of ADOS podcast is available now on Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Also keep up with them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, for continued discussion and conversation on all the news that is being shared. Don’t let news pass you by, join the Articles of ADOS every Thursday and Sunday for great content and conversation.


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