As Part of Project Expansion Activity, eToro Promises $1 Million Stake to GoodDollar Universal Basic Income Protocol


eToro announced that the company had increased its stake in Universal Basic Income Protocol from the current $58,000 to $1 million.

The additional capital will fuel the expansion activity of GoodDollar

GoodDollar works in the direction of spreading financial education. The group also minimizes the global wealth gap by taking advantage of initiatives like clever contract mechanics, decentralized finance (DeFi), and a reserve-backed crypto token like the G$.

Here’s how the traditional donation-driven philanthropy model works

GoodDollar has implemented what the group calls the traditional donation-driven philanthropy model. Under the initiative, a good Samaritan is invited to participate and take advantage of the double bottom line set of rewards offered in the financial and social sectors. As the initiative has the DeFi backing, geographical, economic, and regulatory restrictions do not apply to the enterprise. Thus, the world of the digital economy is open to the citizens of the world. The same is, by far, one of the most unique and user-friendly unbiased models. 

GoodDollar’s world’s most universal UBI program has over two hundred thousand users

Because of the flexibility it offers, those who like to stay connected with the developments taking place in the digital economy and cryptocurrency world can connect through the GoodDollar app. The application gives free access to cryptocurrency. In addition, there is a provision for anyone to don the hat of a philanthropist by shelling out money to support the project’s initiatives. GoodDollar holds the credit of being the world’s widely reached universal UBI program. It is learned that the program has more than two hundred thousand users. It has also come to light that the initiative has users from nearly all the countries in the world. 

Results of its Proof of Concept recently published 

Proof of Concept is a limited protocol launch designed to validate the economic model and market adoption. GoodDollar recently published the results of its Proof of Concept. The results bring to light that a sum of $16,000 worth of UBI in G$ was distributed. According to the results that were recently published, more than two hundred thousand individuals are beneficiaries. The value of the initial stake is $58,000.


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