Ether Anticipates a Grand “Merge” and Hopes to Beat Bitcoin


Several crypto watchers have been discussing the melding of  Ethereum’s EH1 chain with a new chain. The anticipated outcome would be the creation of ETH2. These crypto watchers had the right focus, but they got it wrong at the right timing. A cloud of uncertainty clouds the matter, and it is complex to decipher when it eventually happens.

The merge may happen later this year

The crypto watchers admit they were wrong about how matters would play out, but they are still optimistic. They believe the merge may happen any time this year. Ether’s market capitalization is a worthy subject of discussion, and it currently stands at $363 billion. The mentioned figure happens to be half bitcoin.

Market statistics indicate that the combination of the market capitalization of the two makes up 60% of the crypto market. The challenge is how bitcoin poses as an investment. Most market analysts opine that it has remained a sort of investment with serious limitations. For example, it isn’t the right one to turn to for anyone that wants to use it for contracts in decentralized finance applications.

The flippening concept

The above point leaves a lot to ponder for analysts and other interested persons. For instance, many investors strongly believe that flipping the market is something inevitable. These analysts refer to the phenomenon as “the flippening” in crypto circles. They affirm that the merge serves as a catalyst that will push Ethereum a notch higher and cause it to become the dominant platform.

There is a lot to say considering the changes sweeping across. For example, it is easy to see that Ether is determined to do better. The plan is to push out of the way the various crypto rivals. If all moves according to plan, it might even beat bitcoin, which is the godfather. However, time seems to be moving fast, yet it hasn’t succeeded in the merge.

Ether is the No.2 cryptocurrency, and many crypto enthusiasts have been looking forward to seeing it undertake the transformative upgrade. It should be two weeks away from the upgrade, making it cheaper and faster, but it might take longer.


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