Labor Department maintains its reservations over Fidelity’s plan to allow Bitcoin into 401(k) accounts


The U.S. Labor Department maintains its opposition to the idea of Fidelity Investments moving ahead with its plan to allow bitcoin into the 401(k) accounts. A senior administrator of the organization considers the move dangerous to the financial security of Americans and wishes Fidelity Investments drops the idea.

Ali Khawar speaks out

The acting assistant secretary of the Employee Benefits Security Administration called, Ali Khawar is the other leader that has expressed concerns over the planned move. He said the move bears grave dangers to Americans. Mr. Khawar’s division falls under the massive Labor Department, and it has been looking closely into the company-sponsored retirement plans. The leader appears pessimistic as he takes the strong stand that the whole idea o0f cryptocurrency comes with a great deal of speculation.

Mr. Khawar understands everything about the hype surrounding cryptocurrency, and he doesn’t consider it healthy for the people. He doesn’t like the high talk asking Americans to jump onto the “bandwagon” as fast as possible, or they might be left behind. The leader discloses that he learned about Fidelity’s planned move a day before the pronouncement. Fidelity had a great determination to execute its plan of offering Bitcoin as an investment option and had about 23,000 companies in mind.

Changes sweeping across

The leader said that all the 23,000 companies depended on 401(k) services. Fidelity seems to b seriously focused on convincing employees to devote about 20% of their retirement funds to Bitcoin. It hoped they would start doing it towards the end of this year, and a firm like MicroStrategy has already shown willingness to allow the move.

Reports indicate that most Americans wish to secure their old age, so they accommodate ideas about saving for the future. It is a common trend among the average Americans instead of the millionaires and billionaires that would have a lot to invest.

It is true the hype around cryptocurrency continues to escalate, but many companies still express concerns over Bitcoin’s volatility. Reports show the recent changes involving organizations, municipal governments, and individuals showing their willingness to accept cryptocurrencies as part of their transactions in trading and other commercial activities.


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