The Future of Bitcoin Following the Recent Industry Declines in the Recent Month


Following the current status of the international market, the prediction that certain types of cryptocurrencies are beneficial to the economy becomes challenged each day. The Bitcoin currency was introduced as a safety tool against the current economy’s rising prices. However, cryptocurrency has experienced a decline in recent months. In a recent interview conducted by Lex Fridman, Saifedean Ammous presented the advantages and challenges experienced by the asset, thus shedding light on a few of the criticisms highlighted.

Ammous stated that the asset’s challenges were due to the impact of the economy’s high prices; thus, it is constantly placed in a predicament while in the market. Ammous further stated that most problems experienced by individuals worldwide are due to the dependence on quick money. However, due to the economy’s high prices, several countries concentrate on crucial issues, including health and education.

Bitcoin’s agreement implementations that were never implemented 

Since the beginning of the inflation, the regulations affecting the Bitcoin currency are still the same as the initial regulations; thus no intention of changing. Regarding other crypto assets, the majority of the legalised digital currencies undergo strict implementations, thus being the society’s versions of improvements. However, Bitcoin has fewer chances of receiving the same improvement as the rest of the digital currencies, but its adaptability varies with our improvements daily.

The digital assets are decentralised; thus, the liability borne by operators is lesser than those borne by centralised forms of software, including Amazon and Apple, among others. The centralised forms bear no difficulties updating their services, thus bearing a higher liability because of the information it safeguards for its consumers.

The erratic nature of Bitcoin and other assets

Several analysts advise that Bitcoin consumers should not only enjoy its decentralised nature but should also take into consideration the volatility of the asset. During an interview, Ammous disclosed that the dollar’s volatility alters with each day, however, the volatilely isn’t changed by 20 to 40% throughout the night. Ammous further stated that even with the vitality associated with the dollar, it is still regarded as one of the most reliable currencies around the globe.


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