A Bitcoin Mining Firm in Tennessee Closes Down Its Mine After Arriving at a Settlement With the Residents After Several Complaints


Since its inception, the crypto assets have been attracting a large gathering, and more individuals are investing daily in the sector. There are various ways a consumer can be part of the cryptocurrency sector, such as mining, trading, or investing in assets. However, the popularity of the support has led to several reports by some of the individuals residing near the mine. 

A recent Bitcoin mine in Tennessee was ordered to close following the out-of-court settlement with the neighbours. The mine operators were directed to stop all operations at the location following the registration of neighbours’ reservations. The county commissioners allowed the settlement to be arrived at by all parties. Other jurisdictions also remitted complaints concerning the effects of mining various crypto assets, including Bitcoin. 

Documented impacts on the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Several counties, including Washington County, mentioned their reservations, stating that the mines breach the zoning regulations and release too much noise. The impacts further forced the county commissioners to search for ways to address before the settlement. The settlement, however, authorises the mining company identified as Red Dog to create an ideal location for mining, i.e. the Washington Couty Industrial park. 

However, the relocating of the mine led to new regulations that Red Dog has to adhere to; the commissioners directed the company to close down the Tennessee Bitcoin mine before the conclusion of six months of energising the initial units at the new location. The company was also issued with an alternative, not past 31st December 2024, whichever the company manages to do. The settlement is yet to be approved by BrightRidge, Red Dog’s partner and co-defendant.

The impact of the settlement on the involved parties

If the payment goes through, then it would conclude the lawsuit that Washington County filed sometime last year. In the suit, the Petitioners prayed the court to shut down the Bitcoin mines due to various unforeseen factors. Amid the trial, Trey Kelly, the CEO of GRIID, apologised for the negative impact the mining caused the town stating that it had not predicted the difficulties that the mine would present. GRIID, the parent company of Red Dog, apologised for any inconvenience caused and agreed to remit compensation to the county of $35,000. 


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