Australia Provides Financial Backing For Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Communications Program


The Australian government has sanctioned a blockchain-based program called QualiSig, which was created out of the need to ensure secure communications to citizens regarding COVID-19.

The Aussie government reportedly provided 60,000 euros to fund the program, which is currently in a pilot phase. The project was created by a blockchain startup called A-Trust. Its purpose is to create a platform through which the government can ensure secure communications with institutions and the country’s citizens, especially during a crisis. The Coronavirus crisis has demonstrated the need for such a program, and QualiSig should particularly be useful in ensuring communication between the government and research institutions on COVID-19 research.

The QualiSig program will be highly secure and transparent thanks to the fact that it has blockchain technology as its underpinning.  Michael Butz, the CEO of A-Trust, explained how the platform will work, stating that citizens will be responsible for how they control their data. The platform will also feature digital signatures facilitated through mobile devices.

“The mobile phone signature, with around 1.5 million users, is a widely used tool and has stood for highly secure authentication in the digital world for ten years,” stated the A-Trust CEO.

Mr. Butz further pointed out that the blockchain-based project will access traceable and secure communications, especially now that there is a major crisis affecting the country and the rest of the world. The project is also a win for the blockchain community because it marks another blockchain use case and is particularly important because a government is involved.

Blockchain adoption and government accountability

More governments worldwide are embracing blockchain-based solutions, which is great news because it means the technology is gathering a good adoption pace. Many experts believe that mass adoption of blockchain technology is a step in the right direction, especially as far as ensuring highly secure and more efficient solutions and systems.

Governments are particularly poised to benefit from adopting the technology. This is particularly great for governments that are determined to demonstrate transparency and reliability of service delivery. Such efforts could help people to gain more trust in their governments since blockchain technology paves the way for more accountability.


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