Beeple Launches We.New To Auction Iconic Moments


Mike Winkelmann, a pioneering digital artist & the highest-paid NFT artist known as Beeple, launches we.New. The platform will auction iconic moments in sports, art, politics, & fashion as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Stiffened by industry giants that include TIME, Warner Music Group, Wasserman, Universal Music Group, and Endeavor, the platform will host direct sales and auctions NFTs powered by Ethereum. Beeple said that the platform would engage people with the moments & memories that matter to them. NFTs represent a novel paradigm in how people can rejoice in remarkable achievements. will utilize Polygon (MATIC) for layer-2 scaling.

Engaging the People

From July 2 to 5th, the platform will host its inaugural auction. It will offer tokenized images of tennis star Andy Murray celebrating the Wimbledon Grand Slam victory of 2013. Besides getting two tickets to the men’s Wimbledon finals to be played in 2022, the winner will also have the pleasure of playing with Murray. NFTs that will be sold on the platform will offer prospects to secure real-world artifacts and peculiar experiences like physical sculptures and opportunities to meet and greet artists & athletes.

The History

Beeple auctioned Crossroad NFT in February for $6.6 million. He also auctioned a looped museum-quality video. The Crossroads NFT that has been resold for $6.6 million is 100 times its actual price and broke the previous for NFT of $1.5 million. Inspired by the United States presidential elections 0f 2020, Crossroads highlights one of two animations, depending on the election’s outcome. 

 After these successful auctions, Beeple’s Everyday: the First 5000 Days raised a whopping record-breaking $69 million through Christie’s, which is a prominent auction house. Everyday was the premier digital art piece to be exhibited at Christie’s. Only Jeff Koons & David Hockney have created such precious works.

The Market

The NFT market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last 12 months. Although it is spread across corpus domains that include traditional art, and music industries, the sports industry is the most significant adopter of NFTs, thanks to the surging reputation of NBA Top Shot.


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