Canadian PM Candidate Champions For The Use Of Bitcoin As A Different Form Of Money


The Conservative candidate for Prime Minister expresses his views on the path the Great White North should take regarding cryptocurrency. He believes Canadians deserve to enjoy great flexibility in payments and thus advocates for the use of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Pierre Poilievre champions a course that will enable the citizens to use Bitcoin as legal money.

Poilievre’s stand

The leader was featured on a YouTube channel, BITCOIN making assertions on what is best for Canada. He asserted that the time had arrived for the people of Canada to enjoy greater financial freedom. The party candidate addressed a crowd of about 100 in one of the restaurants. He looks forward to times when the citizens enjoy freedom to own and use crypto, decentralized finance, smart contracts, and tokens.

Poilievre understands the need for citizens to enjoy great freedom, and that should include the opportunity to use a different form of money. He cites the example of instances where certain governments abuse a country’s money. He thinks the alternative for cash would spell great freedom in such an instance. Therefore, he promises to fight for the rights of the citizens to utilize other top-quality cash.

Koleya’s perspective

Koleya Karringten is the executive director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC), and he also had something to say about the crypto subject. He spoke about the hostile environment associated with the Liberal government’s attitude to supporting crypto. Koleya says the weakness was on the government’s side. The government needs to learn a lot of things, including regulatory clarity. She says that proper knowledge and understanding could help change the current affairs and give crypto its rightful place.

Koleya opines, “It’s important to have a strong advocacy position to educate the government on blockchain. Once they see the level of tax revenue, they will know this isn’t an industry for criminals, it’s an industry for innovation.”

Poilievre’s support of cryptocurrency is outstanding, but that doesn’t reflect how people observe or regard crypto in Canada. Reports indicate that only a small number resonates with the idea of using crypto as a different form of money. Statistics reveal that only 14% of Canadian citizens have cryptocurrency.


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