Citizens School Leads The Middle East Schools In The Adoption Of Crypto Payments


A school in Dubai called Citizens School leads the way in accepting crypto as a means of payment. The school says the learners can make payment of their tuition fees in either Ethereum or Bitcoin. The Middle East has made a significant move in accepting crypto payments, and those who choose to use the means won’t have any reason to worry. The school promises to establish an advanced and safe legal framework to serve persons that choose to pay using crypto. The school resumes in September 2022.

School to offer great support

This school’s decision favors everyone. It says that it will deliver flexible payment options, which means better conditions on top of the traditional forms of payments. It also speaks about the interest-free monthly payment options outlining that it will provide more information about them.

The Citizens School speaks about the acceptance of payments in crypto.It draws a close link between such payments with a digital currency platform responsible for processing cryptocurrency payments. The platform operates automatically to deliver Emirati dirhams (AED).

The school makes an early step to embrace cryptocurrency, but it is a move that follows the Dubai government’s recent decision. The government had passed its first law targeting the regulation of virtual assets. In addition, the government outlined its commitment to delivering an advanced and safe legal framework for investors.

Alzarooni speaks out

The founder of Citizens School called, Dr. Adil Alzarooni, spoke about the changes sweeping across the crypto segment, and he believes a lot is happening. He reflects on some time back when the term crypto used to be known by quite a few people. He referred to it as a floating term. Only well-established investors knew it in the past. He revealed that matters had changed and that cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream. He forecasted a future where crypto would reshape the traditional system.

Alzarooni seems optimistic about the good of the next generation and the digital economy. He was referring to UAE in this case.

Alzarooni opined, “By introducing this new payment facility, we look forward to enhancing the role of young generations in achieving the UAE’s digital economy. As more people embrace the era of digitalization, today’s children will become the entrepreneurs and investors of tomorrow.”


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