China Tests the Use of Bitcoin Technology in the Country


China’s government recently permitted some of its cities to implement trials on the blockchain currency. This movie shows the country’s commitment to the cryptocurrency industry. A few of the areas where the experiment is to be conducted include Shanghai and Beijing.

This initiative follows an opinion issued by the Chinese Central and Cyberspace administration to the government, asking it to allow blockchain to be used in areas that allow data sharing and corporate operations.

The government selected several organizations, banks, and power companies to test the adaptability of blockchain. The number of organizations selected is estimated to be 164 and has the advantage of adopting the asset while applying and fastening the formulation of appropriate technology and standards.

Critics have stated that the yuan is a weak digital currency

The people’s Bank of China implemented the yuan, a digital form of currency. The bank implemented this following the government amplified its ban on the use of cryptocurrency last year.

The government considers the forms of cryptocurrencies as dangerous and a method for scammers to earn a living.

However, critics rated the yuan as a weak form of currency, stating that it is not a decentralized form of digital currency like the others and that only the bank has control over the currency.

The government implements a set of rules that any person transacting with the  technology should be aware of. The government advised the areas selected that they should prioritize blockchain transactions and develop the currency as much as possible.

How to define the Blockchain currency 

Initially, the term blockchain was developed as a technology that underpins the Bitcoin currency. It is a record of transactions that are difficult to make alterations or interference by other consumers or hackers.

The currency possesses the advantage that an individual or organization does not own it; however, it is not similar to the initial Bitcoin blockchain as more organizations adopt the technology.

The blockchain concept is quickly developing; thus, more governments, organizations, and individuals. China hopes to be the next government to implement and promote the use of blockchain; however, it still places rules and regulations for the protection of consumers.


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