Chinese Bitcoin Miners To Enjoy Miami’s Clean Nuclear Power Offer


The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, seems determined to transform Miami by transforming it into a bitcoin mining hub. He promises his support towards the initiative, outlining that he is going to offer clean nuclear energy. 

North America’s mining operations expansions

One rather outstanding fact in the current state of affairs regarding Bitcoin happens to be the significant mining operations expansions that continue to be witnessed in North America. 

 Suarez seems rather optimistic about the future and foresees Miami rising to become a leading hub for crypto mining activity. The leader calls upon all the foreign mining companies to make game-changing moves in the city, one of them being establishing data centers. 

The Mayor considers Miami to be rather gifted when it comes to the ample nuclear electricity supply that it owns. He believes that such nuclear electricity supply is what it takes to attract many Bitcoin miners seeking to adopt clean energy sources in their undertakings.

The Mayo’s take 

The Mayor is aware of the supposed crypto mining’s carbon footprint and wants to be one of the positive contributors to stopping the menace. However, in a recent incidence, the Mayor criticized those persons making claims about 90% of Bitcoin mining having originated from “dirty energy.” Nevertheless, he expresses optimism in the future of cryptocurrency mining, outlining that his city will lead the way in advocating for better conditions. 

Suarez advocates for a shift in the mining concentration, calling out for a shift to the United States. The official believes that a shift could be crucial in helping ease the feared environmental concerns.

The leader has also spoken about efforts geared towards attracting overseas Bitcoin miners. In addition, he reveals that a section of the city officials has been making attempts to cut down energy costs in close collaboration with the power companies.


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