Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) to Develop a Blockchain Accelerator Shipping Before the Year Ends


Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) recently announced its intention to introduce a new form of energy crypto accelerators that the company will release before the end of the year. The company’s senior vice president of accelerated computing systems and graphics announced the development and contributed to Blockchain technology.

The company had previously announced its decision to unveil this technology at the beginning of the year.

The unveiling is the next generation’s application for the specific Integrated circuit mining equipment, and the company intends to launch the idea at the International Solid-State Circuits.

Intel intends to create a new conference division in the Koduri division.

Other plans that the company plans to have in favor of cryptocurrency

The company’s developed division will be in charge of the development of custom silicon platforms which will assist in the mining of Blockchain and the various designs of supercomputers in the country.

Intel anticipates the circuit’s creation will issue a Blockchain accelerator responsible for the mainstream GPUs mining Blockchain networks.

The accelerator also possesses better watt performance than other accelerators created by various organizations. During the announcement, Koduri stated that the accelerator used SHA-256 encryption, developing the consumers’ first grid network of Blockchain mining.

He further added that to obtain a minimal effect on the distribution of present products, the accelerator’s infrastructure is built on a small piece of silicon.

Intel operations 

The company designs, create and sells computer products and other related items. Some of the company’s excellent services and products include graphic network and communication systems, conferencing, and other known digital services.

The last publication of the fortune 500 magazines ranked the company at number 45 due to the revenue it has generated since its inception.

Intel also owns subsidiaries such as mobile eye and Intel Ireland, among others. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of computers and related software; the company value estimates are $95.39.

Intel’s largest competitors include companies such as Applied Micro Circuits corporation and Marvell technology group, among others. The company has also generated a small carbon footprint to develop products without negatively impacting climate change.


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