Moneygram International Inc (NASDAQ: MGI) Recently Launched a Stablecoin Payment Platform Accessible to Consumers Across the Globe


Moneygram International Inc (NASDAQ: MGI) recently announced the official release of its stable coin-dominated payment avenue; the cross-border payment service centralises on issuing its consumers the capacity to deliver the USD Coin as payment across the globe. Mastercard further revealed that the charges would be withdrawn as the typical cash mode by the recipients.

The current service is being introduced to various competent jurisdictions such as Kenya and the Philippines. The platform identified as Global cash-out will be offered before the month concludes, thus encouraging the implementation. The delivery service will not bear any unnecessary fees for the initial 12 months.

The company hopes to narrow the gap between virtual assets and tangible money 

The platform, a recent delivery service, was created on the Stellar (XLM) blockchain that enables the Stellar wallet consumers to send USDC to various individuals across the globe. Moneygram anticipates that the service will narrow the gap between virtual assets and tangible money currency. The service also bears the potential to identify and present the sovereignty of crypto assets and remittance.

Danelle Dixon, the CEO of Stellar Development Foundation stated that the recent transfer avenue would assist the jurisdictions with low economic status in accessing crypto assets for the first time. A statement issued by the World Bank revealed that an estimated 1.7 billion grownups did not possess the resources to access or open an account at a financial organisation. The platform further argued that Blockchain assets and equipment should be treated as a possible solution to the recent inflation and financial difficulties. The platform anticipates providing its consumers with the avenue to purchase goods and services and send them to recipients worldwide.

Moneygram operations

MoneyGram International Inc (NASDAQ: MGI) is one of the leading institutions that enable the transfer of funds from one consumer to another. The platform can also be utilised by individuals who transfer money to each other but in different jurisdictions. MoneyGram possesses a talented and competent team that ensures the swift transfer of money from one consumer to the other.

The platform uses its contemporary mobile and API-maintained avenues, thus partnering with various reputable financial brands to provide efficient customer services. MoneyGram also possesses a platform of connections that creates good digital economic routes.


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