Huobi Global Issues an Update to Its Shareholders Following the Launch of a New Investment Sector


Huobi Global has launched a new investment sector that centralises on the created digital projects, including  Web3 projects and, Decentralized forms of Finance, among others. The launch further displays the interest presented by venture capital in joining the blockchain industry; the sector possesses a minimum of $1 billion worth of crypto assets. During the announcement, the company’s representative stated that the money had been reserved for revealing and investing in various potential blockchain ventures.

The sector identified as Ivy Blocks will provide adequate services to designed projects, such as a dedicated research sector and a good blockchain incubator, among others. Huobi’s asset management division will also create several liquidity investments to assist the commencement and maintenance of selected projects.

 Details on the opening of Ivy Blocks  

Following the creation of the sector, Ivy Blocks released a statement disclosing the first recipient of the funds. The honour was awarded to Capricorn Finance. A distinctive electronic market creator developed on the cube blockchain. However, Huobi’s attention to DeFi arrives at a period when the market proceeds have dropped by more than half since its best performance.

The industry is now estimated to be below $133 billion, which is a significant drop from its best performance being $316 billion by December 2021. The DeFi equipment compromises TVL and DeFi TVL. Analysts reiterated that the number of investments into the crypto industry increased at the beginning of 2022; thus, Huobi got affected by the crypto winter. Following the previous quarter’s release, several analysts predicted a healthy life for the Defi and Blockchain industry. Previous studies also reiterated that when cryptocurrency prices are recklessly diluted, there follows a season of unforeseen decline, thus creating a healthy sector.

Publicised details about the Blockchain industry 

The crypto asset is a trending technology that boosts business procedures and produces professionalism along the data-protected portions of the economy. Various organisations implement the purchase in multiple industries, including trade and financial services.  Critics predict that the technology would disrupt different sectors of the economy, including the Banking system, thus increasing unnecessary politics. Various jurisdictions around the globe, have implemented regulations on how to regulate the industry.


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