Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Leaves Customers Confused After Double Charging Their Accounts


A few customers who experienced duplicate debit charges from Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) want the company to move with speed to resolve the matter at hand. The affected persons include Christopher T. Lee, Tom Slattery, and Clark Peterson. All the persons mentioned above reside in Southern California, and they had only ordered one brand-new Tesla electric each, only to face the double charges.

Customers lost a lot of money

Sources indicate the customers’ bank accounts as having lost tens of thousands of dollars. Critics have spoken against the company, citing that the moved money was without warning or authorization. The company has been accused of moving quite slowly in resolving the matter, leaving customers in a state of utter confusion.

Customers continue pushing for refunds as interested parties continue looking into the matter. Some of the things that might prove helpful in the long run include the bank statements and the motor vehicle purchase agreement.

It is a big issue that has affected a lot of people, according to sources. Two other customers who wanted their identities kept anonymous for reasons best known to them have also made similar claims. The customers learned about the double charges, something that pushed them into great distress. One of them revealed that the situation pushed him to face finance charges on credit bills and some overdraft fees.

Tesla adds to the confusion

Tesla remains tight-lipped on the matter despite the continued efforts to have it comment on the issue. Journalists have been pushing the company to answer critical questions such as how the whole duplicate charges thing happened, how fast it could move about making refunds, and the best move the customer could make.

The founder of a financial crime prevention tech firm known as d Featurespace Dave Excell speaks out on the matter, outlining the double charges as pretty common in business. The official mentions the most affected segments to be the banking and e-commerce sectors.

Excell advises the affected persons to speak to the merchant as the first option to resolving the matter at hand. The other option would be to call the bank to reverse the transaction, but that would take longer.


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