US State Department Impulses El Salvador to be ‘responsible’ about Bitcoin Adoption


El Salvador President Nayib Bukele aims to introduce legislation that will make it the world’s first sovereign nation to adopt bitcoin as legal. 

Moreover, Bukele stated that the country combines with digital wallet company, Strike, to build modern financial infrastructure using bitcoin technology. 

In a video broadcast to Bitcoin 2021, Miami’s multi-day conference is billed as the biggest bitcoin event in history.

Victoria Nuland, the US Department of State’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, said El Salvador should make certain Bitcoin is well regulated under its new legal framework. 

On Wednesday, meeting with President Nayib Bukele, Nuland stated the United States took a hard look at Bitcoin following the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline and suggested El Salvador take the same approach. The US passed a law in June making Bitcoin legal, which will affect September 7. 

Moreover, Nuland said that he suggested that whatever Salvador chooses to do regarding Bitcoin, he suggested that it is well regulated and transparent. It is well responsible and protects you against malign actors. Nuland’s conference with the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs was organized as a portion of a meeting with El Salvador, Paraguay, and Panama to discuss migration, regional goals, and democracy at the end of June. 

But it seems crypto may have been part of the intended schedule. U.S administrators, along with the President, made civil statements conveying ransomware assaults on significant infrastructure after the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack affected gas hoarding and deficits in specific areas of the US. 

The conversation on Bitcoin between El Salvador officials and the US, as the International Monetary Fund, speaks with legislators in the Central American country about a loan to benefit the local economy. 

The US State Department supports the financial agreement. However, the IMF has conveyed interest in the country’s adaptation of Bitcoin, saying the move puts forward a number of macroeconomic, legal, and financial issues that require very careful analysis. 


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