Yvel Looking To Make Its Make Its Mark in the Independent Non-fungible Security (INFS) Game


From making world-class and often one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to designing retail luxury goods worthy of INFS digital assets, Yvel keeps stacking accolades onto its already impressive resume. 

To reinvent its stunning line of jewelry products and attract more investments, Yvel joins other luxury legacy brands in the blockchain technology space, such as Gucci, Lacoste, Balmain, and Balenciaga. 

To catch you up, here is what you need to know about Yvel’s INFS project and why there’s a lot of buzz around it:

What exactly is the Yvel INFS project?

You probably already know about blockchain technology or have heard of it. Yes, that independent, hacker-proof, decentralized data storage network where all the holders of different cryptocurrencies like to hang out and trade. 

And we’re assuming that you’ve also come across the words “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs) over the past two years. NFTs have been all the craze since early 2021. 

Well, it’s safe to say that INFS is an off-shoot of NFTs. The only difference is that INFS is a trading platform that specifically merges the blockchain world with tangible physical assets or designer pieces of jewelry, in Yvel’s case, that are one of one. 

So, Yvel has created 5000 tokens in the form of customizable precious stone decorated 24-karat gold jewelry pieces. Each token has a value of $10,000. Yvel successfully launched its INFS tokens with investors having already bought the first batch of 2500 tokens in the pre-sale phase. 

What’s in it for investors?

Both companies and independent investors can hold Yvel’s tokens. If you’re a shareholder of a company that holds Yvel’s INFS assets, you can benefit by getting a piece of the profits from the sale or value appreciation of the tokens. 

Investors can also trade the tokens by selling them to other buyers or converting their tokens or coins for $10,000 worth of jewelry from the Yvel jewelry shop. 

And that’s about it. If blockchain financial products and digital assets are your thing, you might want to jump on the Yvel INFS project and be an early investor.


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