Zambezi Gold States its New Token is as Good as Bitcoin


Zambezi Gold recently launched a new token known as ZGD, which the company declares is as good as Bitcoin. The company creates specific assets combined with precious minerals, including gold harvested from gold mines across Africa.

ZGD was distributed to investors across the country on various dates, issuing approximately 60 million pieces valued at $0.10. However, the estimated price only ran throughout the initial token sale stage following its launch, thus gaining several investors and consumers.

How Zambezi Gold plans to use proceeds from selling the tokens

The company’s estimates for the last stage of token sales are $0.25 running from the 14th April to 12th May 2022. Zambezi Gold intends to use the profits acquired from the sale of the tokens to create better and suitable means that allow investors to back up the token. Several investors plan to purchase the company’s gold plant and other local mining locations.

The gold-plated tokens possess genuine gold obtained from local mines and stored in a reputable custodian bank. The profits obtained from the sale of the tokens will assist the company in purchasing other mines, and the balance will advantage the token owners.

Zambezi Gold produces precious metals at a low price and fast pace

The company creates a unique business motto that allows it to create precious minerals at a reduced price but at an alarming rate. The low rates of the production of gold place Zambesi Gold at an advantage. This gives it the power to control the market and implement necessary rules. In addition, the company executed various agreements with investors, thus making the production of gold easier and more reliable.

The investors develop a mechanism that restricts a person from using the currency as collateral for a loan. The restriction will allow Zambesi Gold to grow its revenue margins from the sale of the tokens.

Due to the perception behind high gold prices, the currency is produced in low amounts, thus allowing it to increase in value with time. In addition, each token owner will enjoy receiving additional tokens in their vaults, thus appreciating the amount annually.


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