Bitcoin Holds The Key To A Trusted Internet System, Says Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey


Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey indicated that Bitcoin holds the key to have a trusted system on the internet, which has become the most distrusted setting. Dorsey, who spoke during a virtual interview with Human Rights Foundation’s event-based entity, the Oslo Freedom Forum, also shared about how content saved through blockchains can become immutable.

Dorsey upbeat about bitcoin redefining trust in the internet landscape

Dorsey stated that the whole spirit of bitcoin was providing a trusted. His comments come at the back of discussions regarding protection and security against nefarious elements. He told HRF president that security is not perfected because it is always a push to stay around 10 steps ahead of hackers.

About Twitter, Dorsey discussed various helpful ways of maintaining an edge over hackers, including Twitter having a sense of internal awareness regarding their security and different external insights. He pointed out choosing proper company frameworks, ensuring they build the correct secure systems for the platform to gain trust in one of the most untrusted spaces.

Bitcoin and blockchain tech pave the way for enhanced security

According to Dorsey, Bitcoin and its technology are revolutionary as a fresh tech innovation that has paved the way for enhanced security, making trust a less crucial element. He lauded the concept and the significance of users holding their won access keys as a way of revolutionizing security. Also, Dorsey mentioned that bitcoin’s blockchain tech and decentralization have changed the landscape of online content where several parties host it rather than a centralized entity. He added that Bitcoin and its blockchain tech show a future where there is content forever without going way or where it will exist forever on each node connected to it.

This is not the first time that Dorsey has spoken positively about Bitcoin as he has in the past indicated that the digital currency holds the potential of being the internet’s native currency. In a recent interview, he indicated that the coin has massive potential.


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