Chainlink Launches Startup With Chainlink to Support Startups


Chainlink has launched a project that offers new crypto startups a blueprint. Startup with Chainlink will give free information, mentorship access, and community groups to entrepreneurs and founders as they begin their projects.

What the project will offer startups 

According to a lab executive from Chainlink, David Post, the project will give early-stage projects community groups, events, webinars, operations best practices, and scaling information. Moreover, top projects will have extra access to features like venue capitalists and mentors. Chainlink came up with this project to help startups set up a solid foundation that would allow them to survive.

The blockchain thrives from people beginning new crypto-related businesses. However, starting a crypto business isn’t always as simple as it seems. Unfortunately, starting a business incorrectly could be detrimental to the crypto industry’s reputation. For this reason, Chainlink believes it has a responsibility to provide founders with appropriate tools to launch a successful business.

When inexperienced founders start a crypto business, they often have various challenges. For instance, their employees could quit when they realize their bosses have no idea what to do. This is another reason why providing them with mentors is essential, as it helps them find the directions they need for crypto business.

Furthermore, supporting startups would help founders become more innovative in their operations instead of recycling old ideas. This is critical as many founders opt to reinvent the design of their platforms instead of coming up with something new that would give them an edge in the space.

The project could help improve the blockchain ecosystem

Post adds that Startup with Chainlink could benefit the whole blockchain industry. The success comes from having multiple linked blockchain platforms that have solid foundations and are sustainable. Such a project could create more lasting community ties and raise a sustainable Web3 ecosystem that serves people globally.

Chainlink is not the only platform interested in supporting cryptocurrency startups. The Sandbox has previously announced a program to invest in about 30 or 40 startups yearly. To ensure the project’s success, it collaborated with Brinc, who would allocate funds to startups and provide them with leading mentors.


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