Chainlink Partners With War Riders To Create A Hybrid Solution For Human Readable Ethereum Names


Chainlink (LINK) has partnered with War Riders to launch human-readable Ethereum (ETH) names. The new names will use a different approach from the Ethereum Name Service, or ENS. War Riders use blockchain elements to represent in-game elements. The company also has its cryptocurrency, which games mine when playing.

There are a number of challenges that gamers will need to overcome when playing. For instance, they will need to memorize long alpha-numeric addresses of Ethereum wallets. The use of human-readable names is more convenient and helps to remove entry barriers. The newly proposed hybrid solution will be available for free gamers, unlike ENS, which is fully decentralized.

The proposed system is not fully decentralized, and users will largely depend on the robustness and security of Chainlink’s oracles.

Chainlink partners with Provide Technologies

Chainlink has entered into partnership with Provide Technologies to integrate the Chainlink oracle services into the Provide API. In addition, Chainlink will also offer a offer a low-code framework to build on. According to details given, developers will have the option of using their Provide API to access Chainlink data streaming.

Chainlink is banking on its partnership with Provide to further stamp its position as the leader in the supply of oracle services in smart contracts through the Baseline Protocol. On the other hand, Provide will increase its support for the oracle API and nodes orchestration.

The Chainlink blockchain was developed to link blockchain technology smart contracts to other programs. An instrument is needed to facilitate data feeds in smart contracts because blockchains cannot access data outside their paths.

Prov has since activated its Provide API price reference data, which can be used as a Docker container. Unibright, Provide’s partner, will also install Chainlink oracles in its no-code zero-knowledge workflow.

Chainlink price explodes

Following the announcement, Chainlink’s price went up by 15.21%, trading at $9.62 with 36.07% weekly gains and 100.26% monthly gains. The coin reached its record price and became one of the biggest winners. LINK has seen its price grow past BTC and other leading digital coins.


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