Dash Announces Upgrade To V0.16.0.1, which will Adjust Percentage Block Reward


Dash Core Group, the company behind the privacy-focused coin DASH, has announced fresh changes to the proof of stake of assets as part of the recent upgrade of the protocol’s mainnet.

Dash released a new upgrade of Dash Core V0.16

In an announcement from one of the Dash Core Group developers, the Dash Core V0.16.0.1 binaries have been released and are ready for deployment by node operators on mainnet. This is a huge release that is a compulsory upgrade for all masternodes and miners.

The upgrade on the network enhances DASH ecosystem in several ways that include ways to confirm the right masternode holder software, interface improvements for wallet users, and enhanced anonymity capabilities for those that the non-custodial coin mixing alternative of the project, PrivateSend.

Network operators, Stakeholders, and partners have been asked to commence the upgrade immediately to continue getting block rewards before spork 21 activation. The company plans to announce the activation date of spork 21 at a later date after adequate masternoders have migrated successfully to v0.

The Dash Evolution started in 2015

The announcement also indicated that the upgrade also included “block reward reallocation to enhance Dash Economics through the adjustment to of reward percentage.” Other highlights of the upgrade include a dynamic activation threshold to offer a safer and non-blocking method of proposal activation, enhanced recovery for signature shares recovery through a deterministic approach, and wallet UX/UI improvement s through enhanced flexibility and consistency.

Recently on September 18, Dash made another change to transition to decentralized cloud crypto through the launch of a platform supporting blockchain-verified user data storage and decentralized API. The new insights allow data storage within the network in a decentralized cloud service form.

The Dash platform being introduced was developed through innovative ideas that will see the transformation of crypto functionalities. The concept of Dash Evolution began in 2015, and it focuses on having simpler cryptocurrency use for users. It will have A Dash Drive, DPNS or username layer, decentralized API or DAPI, and the Dash Platform Protocol (DPP).


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