Dave Portnoy Is Preparing To Get Back Into The Crypto Industry


Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has been fiddling in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin industry for a while now. After being introduced again to the crypto industry by Twitter, Portnoy, and famous day, traders visited Cryptocurrency Twitter.

It reached a place where Dave was acquainted with Gemini’s co-founders, the Winklevoss Twins.
The twins later visited him and swayed Dave to purchase Chainlink and Bitcoin. Dave Portnoy bought almost Bitcoin that valued at 200,000 dollars and Chainlink that valued at 50,000 dollars. The crypto industry then rallied nearly five percent in the day after buying, with LINK mainly rolling.
After provisionally trading off all his crypto v=because of the 25,000-dollar value loss he suffered, Dave just declared that he might get back to the blossoming industry.

Dave Portnoy might get back to crypto soon.

On 30th August, Dave Portnoy declared that he would be getting back to the crypto industry soon one he has puzzled out the workings of the bitcoin industry. He said he would be studying all his cryptocurrency acquittances, and he is learning how they breathe, think, and exist. And after his giant brain has puzzled them out, he will re-enter the industry and overcome and lead them. But until then, he is watching, studying, observing, and soaking all of it in.
He formerly got out of the industry because he suffered a loss of $25000 of his crypto, Chainlink, and Orchid.

He mentioned that he now has no bitcoin at all, but he is waiting and watching. It took a while for him to figure the stock market out, and so will crypto. Dave said that Chainlink marines are not healthy, and the OTX flowers do not prosper in the crypto environment.

Focusing on ChainLink

Dave is anticipated to focus on Chainlink and other altcoins after returning to the crypto world, not Bitcoin alone. In a recent tweet that he posted, he said that his intentions are on saving the Chainlink marines, which he noticed that it requires keeping because of its recent decrease in price.


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