Ethernity Prepares to Grace the 20th Anniversary of the End of Apartheid by Dropping NAS’s Performance in South Africa


Ethernity is pretty excited to pronounce the new boost to its ecosystem, and that happens to be the addition of a unique NFT collection. It describes it as ANFT, which in full stands for Authenticated NFT.

The interesting footage

One of the most outstanding aspects of it happens because it contains never-seen-before footage of Nas in South Africa. Together with his orchestra, the artist performed Illmatic as a way to mark the anniversary of the end of Apartheid in South Africa. The drop is set to be unveiled in July, and one of the big names that have made everything a success happens to be Audio Up.

Most people might find the connection between Nas and the end of the apartheid era rather intriguing. The end of Apartheid in South Africa is one of the most memorable events in the country. It was a new era that spelled out freedom for blacks in the country. The prolonged era of discrimination against blacks came to an end. Discrimination and segregation had given rise to inhuman conditions that grouped in classes in terms of the paces they shopped, schooled, and much more.

The coincidence

The coincidence, in this case, is that Nas unveiled Illmatic in the United States at the same time Apartheid came to a stop in South Africa. The performance by Nas on the 20th anniversary of the country’s end to apartheid anniversary causes a lot of speculations. However, most people see the performance as pretty relevant to the celebrations. 

It is essential to state that the crossover anniversary focused significantly on why the end of the apartheid regime needed to grind to a halt or end altogether.

The situation in South Africa before the end of Apartheid was wanting! It wouldn’t have been possible for a black-American artist such as Nas to perform in front of a massive audience as he did in 2014.


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