HypaSwap Sets Out To Rival Bitcoin and Litecoin on DeFi


The traditional banking sector is undergoing a massive transformation as the need to get rid of intermediaries in transactions has heated up. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the latest sensation promising to have a ripple impact on the $500 trillion industry. DeFi stands out as it enables real-time and low-cost transactions while getting rid of unfair practices. HypaSwap is one such DeFi project on the cusp of disrupting the traditional banking sector.

Understanding HypaSwap

HypaSwap is a Decentralized Finance project built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It operates as a decentralized non-custodial liquidity protocol whereby lenders and borrowers are pooled together to exchange assets through a big liquidity pool. In the platform, lenders are able to lend assets and earn interest in the process, over their locked assets. On the other hand, borrowers borrow holdings in exchange for collaterals.

Operating primarily as a lending and borrowing platform, HypaSwap enables transactions without the risk of people losing capital to fraud, as is the case with centralized systems. Borrowers are required to over-collateralize their loans; ensuring lenders are paid off regardless of the scenarios.

HYPA Tokenomics

$HYPA is the native token that powers all operations on the HypaSwap platform. The token is used for paying all transaction fees, interest rates, mentalities and staking incentives. The token can be earned and bought form crypto exchanges.

$HYPA token holders can stake their tokens on the platform to earn good returns for helping secure the network and provide liquidity. The longer the lock-in period, the higher the yield holders are likely to generate. It also operates as a governance token, according to holders the right to participate in voting whenever decisions have to be made on the upgrades and the project’s direction.

The total number of $HYPA tokens that will ever be in circulation is capped at 200 million, with 45% of the total supply poised to be released through pre-sale, 15% allocated to founders and team, 20% to community reserve, 5% for advisors and 15% to bolster liquidity.


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