Tokns Commerce Inc and Martha Stewart to Launch FRESH Mint Collection


Tokns Commerce Inc, a leading provider of NFTs, has partnered with Martha Stewart to launch a digital boutique, FRESH Mint. Collections.

Stewart will create a collection of NTFS with the help of photographers, artists, world-class designers, and new creators in the NFT community. The boutique will launch on October 19, which she will incorporate into her website. NFTs assign immutable data units to digital assets such as audios, videos, or photos and mints them to the Blockchain to show ownership. In this way, FRESH Mint NFT will use physical artifacts from Stewart’s collection to create digital art that will celebrate holidays, changing seasons, and other occasions.

Stewart will release the first line of NFTs in time for Halloween

The first line from the collection, Carved Collection, will be released in time for Halloween. It consists of Chris Soria and Mark Evan’s pumpkin carving art, incorporating Stewart’s Halloween costumes into pumpkins that they handpicked from different New York farms. Crypto Punk, Bored Apes, and other owners of popular NFT art will bid on the chance to turn their most valuable NFTs into Carved Collection Pumpkins for Halloween.

According to Stewart, she has been fortunate to partner with creators, talented artists, and entrepreneurs all her life. She views NFTs as a new way for artists to channel their creativity and Blockchain to protect their intellectual property while supporting their work. Her collaboration with Tokns allowed her to reach an approach in line with her vision and remain authentic.

FRESH Mint will add to the growing number of NFT users

Jamie Tedford, the co-founder of Tokns, adds that the company is excited to help Stewart realize her vision for the project. Stewart has created various intellectual property and historical artifacts through her innovation over the years. Tokns can now give her fans a different way to celebrate her works and thus cement her legacy.

The CEO of Marquee Brands, Neil Fiske, states that the NFT has grown tremendously largely due to the contribution of a small group of early adaptors. FRESH Mint will allow fiat currency and crypto transactions, thus introducing first-time collectors to NFTs.

The NFT market has seen an increase in popularity. In early 2021, Christie’s auction house made a record sale for an NFT at $69 million.


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