Travel Booking Platform – Travala Will Soon Accept Payments In XDC For Hotel Booking, Flight Tickets, And Weekend Activities

429 entered a pact with XinFin to accept payments in XDC. As per the terms of the deal, XinFin will add XDC to the payments portal of Travala.

Purchase 3 million travel products using XDC

The customers can soon make payments in XDC at Travala while booking flight tickets, hotels, resorts, and weekend activities.  

The new deal allows XDC holders to purchase over 3 million travel products at Travala. 

Travala currently covers over 90,000 destinations worldwide in 230 territories and nations. It owns more than two million properties worldwide. 

Travelers rejoice

According to a communiqué of Travala, the customers can clinch travel deals at 40 % less compared to other travel portals. 

An open-source, enterprise-ready, and hybrid blockchain protocol – $XDC (XinFin XDC Network) is ideal for decentralized finance.

Consumes less power – a significant benefit

Compared to power-hungry Bitcoin that threatens the environment, the XDC network consumes just 0.000000118 kWh for each transaction and offers a significant advantage. According to the recently collected data, the entire XDC network uses power equal to that consumed by two Tesla cars in a year.

The customers can complete their buy transactions at lightning speed because the XDC network could process more than 2000 transactions in a second. It is a significant achievement compared to Ethereum (ETH) that processes 12 to 16 transactions in a second, whereas Bitcoin processes three to six transactions in a second. Therefore, the XDC network eliminates network congestion and allows seamless transactions for customers.

The users of Ethereum need to pay a total fee of $89 million. On the other hand, the XDC network charges just $0.00001 for each transaction. 

XinFin FinTech becomes the first company to use DASL Crypto Bridge. 

XinFin can utilize DASL to move XDC to public Corda Network from XDC Network to settle the tokens inside the Corda ecosystem. 

The adaptable technology solution – DASL is based on Corda for digital assets. It could be interoperated with other DLTs for consolidating the technology. 

DASL Crypto Bridge facilitates data recording on the Corda network privately and reduces the risk for institutions because of limited data sets transfer to the XDC public network.


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